Welcome everyone. My hope with this blog is to open your eyes to the science behind recent discoveries or hot topics. I aim to use only peer-review literature (has gone through a rigorous review panel of other researchers) to help you understand the facts. Untested speculations will not be found here. A few things I want to impress upon you: 1) Science is a process that involves testing and retesting a hypothesis numerous times. No one study will definitively say whether something is true or not. It is the collective literature that is important. 2) Ask questions about what you read. Why did they choose those subjects? Why did they do things that way? Become critical thinkers and be able to discern fact from fiction. 3) Always remember, correlation does NOT equal causation. That means just because two things are associated with each other does not mean that one causes the other. As you see in the figure, the rise in sales of organic foods is closely correlated with the rise in cases of autism. However, most people would be hard pressed to come to the conclusion that organic food causes autism. It is important to know that correlation does not equal causation and that rigorous scientific and statistical analysis is necessary to determine how things are related.

Problem with Correlations

(Image courtesy of Reddior Jasonp55)

I cannot guarantee that there will be a new post every week, month, etc. I will post when I feel some interesting science needs to be discussed for the benefit of society. If you have suggestions for articles or topics to review let me know.


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