Time to end this nonsense: Vaccines DO NOT cause autism

Let’s jump straight to the point. There has been no credible study to date that shows a link between vaccinations and the development of autism. Did everyone read that? No evidence what so ever. Need proof? Here are four, properly designed studies to give you the proof you need:

  • 498 children with autism. Result: NO association between MMR vaccine and autism.
  • 537,303 children. Result: Strong evidence AGAINST the MMR vaccination, autism fable.
  • 14.7 million children in a meta analysis analyzing the safety of MMR vaccines. Result: MMR vaccine was NOT associated with autism.
  • 2 million children in a meta analysis. Result: Vaccines are NOT associated with autism or autism spectrum disorder. (See my post about this one here)

Let’s add that up. Over 16.4 million children worldwide studied showing NO association between autism and the MMR vaccine. If that isn’t enough evidence for you, here is another 95,272 children in a recent study for you.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed once again that there was no association between the MMR vaccine and autism. The beauty of this new study is that they identified children who were at greater risk of developing autism based on whether their older sibling had already been diagnosed with autism or autism spectrum disorder. Even in this high risk population, MMR vaccines were completely unrelated to the development of autism or autism spectrum disorder.

So the final tally is 16.5 million children against a link to 0 children for a link. It is time to put this topic in the ground. There is no link, there never was a link and countless precious research and health care dollars are being spent on research that keeps showing the same thing. If the staggeringly large body of evidence does not convince you, then you may be beyond help and are likely bordering on fanaticism. Vaccines are an effective way at preventing infectious diseases that are potentially life threatening. Vaccines are to thank for the countless number of diseases that we don’t need to worry about anymore (Smallpox, Polio, Guinea worm). Unfortunately, the blind faith some people put into the hearsay of the anti-vaccination camp has allowed diseases like measles and mumps to make a comeback. Using arguments involving autism, toxins or conspiracy theories to not vaccinate is not only wrong, it is irresponsible. Vaccines are not toxic and nor are their ingredients (see the meta analysis of 14.7 million children above). The choice of the anti-vaccine camp to break down each ingredient and explain why it is toxic is pointless and meaningless. Here’s an exercise to prove it. Have you heard about this dihydrogen monoxide? It contains hydrogen which is explosive and oxygen which is also explosive and can cause damage to all your organs. Did you know that every person who ever drank dihydrogen monoxide died?! Stay away from dihydrogen monoxide! The government is hiding its danger!

Of course we am talking about water. The amazing thing with chemistry is that two seemingly dangerous elements can combine to make something safe. The same idea is happening with vaccine ingredients, all these ingredients are far below the supposed toxic level and when combined, work to make vaccines free of contamination so they are safe and effective.

We know that not everyone can be vaccinated. Diseases that compromise the immune system can make vaccinations dangerous. For everyone else who chooses not to vaccinate, don’t be stupid. Vaccinate your kids; protect their health and everyone else’s health. Your parents were kind enough to do it for you. If you don’t think the diseases vaccines protect you from are dangerous, talk to your grandparents about the dangers of polio, measles and small pox.


3 thoughts on “Time to end this nonsense: Vaccines DO NOT cause autism

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